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Natural Hackamore

86.00 CAD


The Natural Rope Hackamore is constructed of the same soft rope as the Horseman's Halter with Horsemans Reins made of the same half-inch line as the 12-foot Line.

The reins combine a nine-foot loop rein with an additional 12-foot Line so you have both reins and a lead rope in one, an ideal combination for ground skills and riding.

The concept is to save the horse's mouth and allow horse and human time to develop their riding skills and prepare for the bit. As you start spending more time riding your horse and less time on the ground, you'll find the Natural Hackamore ideal. It is perfect for teaching people and horses to feel and respond without damaging a sensitive mouth. Designed for 80% riding and 20% ground work.

Lightweight, soft, strong, facilitates ground skills as well as riding. Features: high quality yachting braid; loop rein and 12-foot lead in one.

Here are some of the rope colours you have to choose from.  From left:  black, burgundy, tan, pink, olive green, navy blue, purple, forest green, sky blue, orange, yellow, red, kelly green)