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Master Horsemanship Series - Stage 3 DVD

89.50 CAD


Master Horsemanship Series - Stage 3 DVD & Booklet

Stage 3 will challenge your ground skills and you will move to a longer line.  This is where the fun begins!  Learning to work with your horse at liberty shows you where your relationship is with your horse and helps refine your ground communication skills.
This stage includes:
  • Introducing the 22 foot line
  • Challenging your ground skills using obstacles & greater distance
  • Hills & uneven ground
  • Create a thinking horse
  • Trailer loading from the fender
  • Leading by a foot
  • Confidence building with the flag
  • Drive and draw
  • Stick to me
  • Fancy maneuver
  • Paste worming
Also included is a booklet for this stage, with task descriptions representative of Stage 3.
Buy this DVD today for $89.50, or check out our entire Master Horsemanship Series, for sale here for $489.00 CAD.
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Here is some info on the entire set!
We are please to announce the New Master Horsemanship Series!
Do you remember why you got into horses?  We'd love to remind you!  It was to enjoy all the power, freedom, fun, and excitement that horses have to offer.  This 6-DVD set includes all the material in a step by step Stages Program 1-5 and a BONUS DVD, as well as five booklets - one for each stage, with task descriptions representative of each stage to challenge you and your horse to do new things, and access  that power, freedom, and excitement that can be possible when you know how to stay safe, have fun, and get results.
If you own a horse, this series is for you.  Unlock the true potential of you and your horse, experience and feel what most will never see or witness, regardless of the discipline, breed, or experience level.   And by the time you are through Stage 5, you will know far more than most horse owners the world over!
Something very special emerges when people and horses have the skills and knowledge to communicate with one another other, to hear, and be heard.    Join Glenn and his horses as he explains a step by step method of learning about what matters to the horse, and begin the journey to accomplish whatever your horsemanship goals might be.   Build a foundation of essential horse human communication, and find out all the important ways of engaging the horse’s curiosity and attention.  You will learn how to recognize all the signs of good habits developing, and the desirable behaviour essential to success, as well as how to motivate your horse to actually want to learn.
These DVDs are full of information, techniques and patterns.  Glenn shares years of experience used with thousands of horses and people, resulting in extraordinary horse human relationships.  It would take months worth of clinics, courses, or camps to cover all of the material in the DVDs. The series is also excellent preparation for live clinics and courses, and great review for years afterward that can also be enjoyed with friends and other family members.
If you would like to read more about what is in the Stage Program, our Camps Description will give you a good overview.
Invest in yourself by building your horsemanship skills to enjoy a lasting, life-long, fulfilling partnership with horses!
The Master Horsemanship Series....knowledge creates understanding, so that means:
  • No more horses that won’t load, tie, or lead
  • No more getting drug from point to point
  • No more dragging your horse
  • No more hard to catch, saddle or trim
  • No more spooking, bucking, or head shying
  • No more troubles de-worming or kicking other horses
  • No more worrying about what might happen
  • No more runaways, head tossing
  • No more stepping on your feet, knocking your hat off
  • No more haltering or bridling issues
Understanding builds confidence
  • Create a soft, willing, enthusiastic partner
  • Develop all four Savvys – Online, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse
  • Create and change behaviours you didn’t know could be
  • Learn about footfall patterns, impulsion
  • Learn about diagonals, leads, and lead changes
  • Have a horse that catches you
  • Three important ingredients to extraordinary results
  • Seven elements in the saddle
  • Develop balance in you and your horse
  • Vertical and Lateral Flexion
  • Light and responsive movement forwards, backwards, sideways
  • Forequarter and hindquarter yields

Regular Price $489.  
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