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Horsemans Stick

Horsemans Stick
35.00 CAD


(string sold separately)


To the horse, the Horsemans Stick is an extension of your arm.  If you attach the 6-foot Savvy String it will extend your arm to 13 feet!  You can use this to prove to your horse in a variety of ways that humans can be trusted and are not as bad as we smell (like predators!) Helps the horse learn to not be afraid of having his legs, belly, ears and other sensitive spots touched and keeps you in a safe position and distance.  Use it to teach a horse to yield from direct or rhythmic pressure, with quicker results than using your hands alone.   The minimal-flex design gives you more feel, accuracy and options on the ground as well as in the saddle. When riding, it teaches your horse about supporting reins and helps support what your legs are saying. Features: leather loop; ergonomically-designed rubber handle for non-slip, comfortable grip; 4-feet in length.  Savvy String not included.