Glenn Stewart Single DVD

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In this series of DVDs you will watch and learn as Glenn demonstrates and details his Horse Development Program and the Stages System he implements with every horse he works with. 

In the videos Glenn breaks down each step so that you can best understand the method and immediately apply what you've learned.

Each Stage builds upon the previous Stage and so we suggest you purchase the DVDs as a set to gain the greatest amount of knowledge.

Stage 1 of Glenn's Master Horsemanship Series is the foundation of his Horse Development Program. Glenn will cover the core concepts and practical, manageable tasks of liberty, online, freestyle and finesse providing you with practical necessary to improve your horsemanship.

Each Stage builds upon the last and includes a booklet introducing what you will learn and observe in practice when viewing.

Insider Tip: Glenn's students share with us - the DVD is valuable in supporting what they have learned in person at the Horsemanship Camps and Clinics he leads.